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Welcome to Fortaleza!

Why Fortaleza?

It is not expensive to travel to Fortaleza, Brazil!

Travel to Fortaleza is comparable in costs to many international destinations. Some comparisons for travel to Fortaleza are noted below – these examples are to provide an idea of costs in US$. You may find better rates on-line or with your travel agent. These prices reflect travel dates as of July 12, 2006 .

Pricing Examples - On-line Searches


New York City to Fortaleza $950
Chicago to Fortaleza $1197
Los Angeles to Fortaleza US$ 1512 (American Airlines/Tam via Miami)
Miami to Fortaleza US$959.00 (Tam Airlines)


London, England to Fortaleza $1251
Lisbon to Fortaleza $1190

Compared to:

New York City to London, England $768
Chicago to London, England $972

Hotels ****

London, 5 days $180x5 = $900
Fortaleza, 5 days $80x5 = $400

Round-trip + Hotel

New York City - London $1668
New York City - Fortaleza $1350


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