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Welcome to Fortaleza!

Why Fortaleza?

Sugestion for the Monday evening: unforgetable PIRATA show!

Pirata bar & restrô is considered by many home to The Craziest Monday in the World – pictures and music samples can be found at:

In 1986, the Pirata bar & restrô in Fortaleza was founded - a cultural and tourist enterprise that incorporated, with eclecticism, the local traditions and the cultural identity of Ceará.

In a short amount of time, the originality of Pirata caught the public's attention, and the Bar became their favorite place in the bohemian quarter of the city, Praia de Iracema (

The Pirata Bar’s fame has spread over Brazil and the world and made news in the New York Times. The Pirata Bar is, in essence, a bold and democratic space, where the only law is to be happy. That's why everyone says: "Coming to Ceará and not going to Pirata, is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope!

After a day of great science and discovery at ISMB 2006 delegates can experience “The Craziest Monday in the World first hand”.


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